Top projects I've Created in My Quest to Make an Impact

Over the years, I have embarked on numerous projects, big and small, in my mission to leave my mark on the world. Among them, these are the ones that I hold closest to my heart.

    QuraAiFounder is a Chrome extension designed to enhance your X experience by leveraging AI and automation for crafting responses to tweets.

    NFTs LabFounder

    A comprehensive suite of tools designed to help traders and creators maximize their growth potential.

    BonbellReact Developer

    Bonbell values your precious time; Scan the QR code on your table and place your order as fast as your dreams.

    TechresuReact Developer

    Leverage AI to create compelling resumes that stand out in the job market.

    Marlon PruzWeb designer

    Marlon Pruz, a Miami-based artist, blends street culture with classical art in captivating murals and illustrations and has done work for global brands like Design Miami, Off-White & Red Bull.

    Pocket UniverseWeb designer

    Pocket Universe is a free browser extension that keeps your assets safe when you sign web3 transactions.